Monday, February 9, 2009

More Art News

A series of 3 of my images is currently on display the Watson Studio Gallery in Johnson City, Texas. This exhibition is entitled Manage a Trois and has 20 photographers all showing a series of 3 related images. The three images that I submitted were from my "Little Kings" series of young boxers. The 3 images were all of Denzel, one a portrait, one actually sparing, and one an environmental study of him in the ring. This series also won the Jurors Selection award at this show. Needless to say, I am thrilled to win the award and excited that something that I put so much into has been so well recieved.

You can learn more about the gallery and see a video of the opening reception at Carol Watson's website--

In search of...

The ever elusive shot from inside the dishwasher!

So today we were working on photographs for appliance delivery and installation, when I got the brilliant idea to actually put the camera and lights into the dishwasher while it was being installed. I knew there was a reason that I always pack that 14mm lens.

Here is one of the outtakes.