Saturday, January 9, 2010

Balanced Rock at Night

For quite a while now I have dabbled in night time photography.  I the colors and richness in this sort of photography are quite interesting and dramatic.  Last summer though, I was asked to edit Harold Davis's newest book, Creative Night Photography, and it really opened up my eyes to some possibilities.

During our recent trip to Moab, Utah, I decided to spend some time honing my Night photo skills.  It was brutally cold, but it was a very frutiful trip and I was able to get a several different photos out of just a few nights out.  The moon was almost full, so that is great to see the rock formations, but not optimal for seeing a lot of stars.

This photo is of Balanced Rock, at Arches National Park, just North of Moab.  This photo was taken from rough 8:30-10pm.   The slight uplight around the rim of the top, balanced rock is from someone driving by with one of those great big spotlights that people plug into their lighter socket.  It only hit the rock for 20 seconds or so, but really made a big difference.