Saturday, July 11, 2009

Upcoming Show

The Watson Studio Gallery is having their "Plastic Fantastic" show starting on July 25th in Johnson City, Texas. This show is all from "plastic" or toy camera's like the Holga, Diana, or even the venerable Lens Baby! These lo-res photos are really fantastically fun and the look is just so cool and interesting--you never really know what you are gonna get--as opposed to the clinical perfection of supersharp lenses and many megapixels and 3" viewing screens.

My Holga's have 2 exposure settings--cloudy or sunny and 4 guess focusing settings-- 1 person, 3 people, 7 people, or mountain. I don't know that I have ever consciously changed that setting, just leaving it to blind luck for something cool to happen with the film. So I was pretty excited when a photo of a church in Northern New Mexico a little while ago was selected for the show!

This photo, Desert Cathedral, is currently drying in the Bucher Photophotographs World Headquarters awaiting framing and then off it goes to Texas for the show. If you are anywhere near, you should stop by as it really looks to be an awesome gathering of images!

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