Friday, August 21, 2009

A Great Show

A couple weeks ago, I went to Ft Collins, Colorado and the opening of the Documentary show of photographs at the Center for Fine Art Photography. It was really an amazing display of images from a very diverse group of photographers.I was able to attend with my friend Kristin Harding who traveled up with me from Denver. We were very excited to see that not only had I won the Director's Selection for the Documentary Show, but the image of Denzel was also the image for the poster promoting the show and gallery, and also it was the entry photo for the gallery--showcased as you walk in! It was very cool.

Several hundred people attended the show and I also got to some time with some of the other photographer's whose work was shown. I was particularly great to be able to talk to Dana Romanoff and learn more about her photography and what she does. If you are near the Ft Collins area, you should make an effort to go to the Center for Fine Art Photography and the adjacent galleries and see some very amazing work!

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