Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Communication Arts Magazine

As a college student and then a freelance photo assistant, I loved to go through the big photo and design source books.  It was just amazing what all these photographers and artists could do.  My favorite was always the Communication Arts Photo Annual, which showcases some of the best photographic art of the year.  The work in there is always, ALWAYS, inspiring!  With the birth of the internet, really not that many years ago, I remember finding the websites of the photographers that I saw in these books to see even more of their work online.  Awesome work from a lot of amazing photographers. Additionally this magazine is focused not not just other photographers, but moreso at creative directors, art directors, graphic designers and other people in the print and visual communication arts world.

I vividly remember when I was an assistant, I was working for Tim Lanterman and I was sitting at the bar at the studio flipping through a Communication Arts while Tim was prepping the props for a still life product shoot.  I made some comment to him about someday wanting to be in CA.  At the time, one of Tim's regular clients was grocery store chain and he often had to shoot very straight forward images of food on a white background and it all had to be the same every time.  To make a long story short, we "shot a lot of meat"and it was kinda boring photographically but it paid the bills.  So as Tim came out of the kitchen with a huge flank steak he said, "Here it is-- my next Communication Arts cover shot!!"

So 15 years or so later, some of my work is showcased in the Communication Arts Photo Annual.  It is one of my portraits from the boxing project that I have been working on for a while and an image that is also showcased on my new updated and refreshed website as well as being shown in several galleries recently.   The photograph itself is on page 224 of September/October issue an is in the "Self Promotion" section.  I trust that this sort of promotion will work out great and will add traffic to my website and get the phone ringing off the hook.

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