Saturday, December 18, 2010

Whole lotta busy...

At least I don't have a lot of gifts to buy!

It has been far too long to since my last blog post here.  Although I keep saying that I am too busy to work on it, I keep finishing other things to procrastinate from the things that I must get done, that I am finally down to blogging to take a few away from the other real, big projects.

Currently, I am on Chapter 8 of my next book, Black and White Photo Workshop.  It is exactly as difficult as I thought it would be, and of course I have been pushing things off so that now I am coming up on the deadline awfully soon!  I am not sure that actual deadline, but it is soon. On top of that, I have to have 20 images printed, mounted and framed from the boxing project by January 5th, although, by the end of the year sounds pretty good! Scroll down to see more of those to get a feel for the size and scale of them!

Let's add a bit more I have had 2 editing projects, one got done yesterday and one to finish over the weekend, and 2 more to come after the first of the year.  I am excited to be doing editing work for Wiley as well as now Amphoto!

...and I have still had some actual photography projects, nothing too big, but work nonetheless.

The best part about all this is that when I am done, I will truly get to reap the rewards of my hard work in January and February with going to the galleries and getting to see the book in print.

Ok, so that is all for right now, that wasn't so bad. Back to work!

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